Reframing the housing offer for older people

A thought provoking report  Reframing the housing offer for older people was published on Monday 1 October to mark International Older People’s Day.  It is   based on research undertaken by PHASE at Manchester School of Architecture.  It was produced in collaboration with: Greater Manchester Combined Authority  and the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub.  It was supported by the Centre for Ageing Better .

A key point is that a large proportion of older people for many reasons don’t make proactive life choices about their future housing, and only move home when they reach crisis point.  The report makes the case for innovative new approaches to ensure that new housing is both attractive and within reach of those who wish to move.  

Community led housing, including cohousing,  are some of those options which people thinking ahead can consider.  Learning  more about these and other ideas helps start the conversation about where and how we might want to live as we get older.