An idea whose time has come…. to Manchester

Recent developments have put community led housing firmly on the map in Manchester and across Greater Manchester.

On Saturday 8th December the Housing Futures research partnership launched a report  on their findings on housing and community led approaches within the Greater Manchester city region.  The report found that community led housing has the potential to generate a wealth of benefits amidst the housing crisis, including:

  • Retention of investment for use within communities
  • Protection against gentrification-induced displacement of people from their home communities
  • Social, environmental, and economic benefits – e.g. zero carbon homes and employment and training opportunities
  • Opening up the housing system to innovation and new ideas

A ‘next steps’ booklet  was also published with specific recommendations for putting community led housing into practice.

At the launch event Paul Dennett, Mayor of Salford and Greater Manchester lead for housing spoke positively about the report’s recommendations including the continued development of a Greater Manchester Hub to support community led housing across the city region.

On Wednesday 12 December Manchester City Council’s Executive Committee approved a report on affordable housing from the Executive Member for  housing and regeneration.  The report set out a new vision for the provision of affordable housing across the city.  Within the report there were two significant policy ideas which where that:

The council will explore the feasibility of at least three community led housing projects on council land  providing at least 30 affordable homes in total.  At least one of these will be led by older people

The council will develop a strategy to unleash the potential for community led housing of all tenures across the city by summer 2019.

Community led housing has been around for some time with beacons of good practice being developed, particularly in other parts of the country.  It now seems that Manchester has embraced this as an idea for the city whose time has come.