Public event 4 December 2018

Letter to residents

We are a group of local residents who see the opportunity of creating a community led, exemplar development at Ryebank Fields, with a range of homes meeting local housing needs and aspirations, which encourage neighbourliness, are age friendly, low carbon, affordable, support biodiversity, and minimise impact on traffic.

We, along with the overwhelming majority of those who responded to the consultation, opposed the proposals that MMU came up with last year for a development on Ryebank Fields.  We held a public meeting, elected a group to take things further, and drew up a group response. When the consultation report was finally published in July this year we held another packed public meeting.

We were disappointed with many aspects of the report on the consultation but accept that the land is likely to be sold for housing.  We want to make sure the community can influence and shape the eventual outcome as much as possible in line with the principles we developed.  It has taken us a number of months to get to meet with Manchester City Council (MCC) and subsequently with MMU.  We have now had initial meetings with both, during which our ideas were positively received.

As MMU and MCC are both supportive of a participatory approach we are organising an event on Tuesday 4th December 7.30 pm at St John’s RC Primary school, Chepstow Rd, off Longford Rd, to give local residents an opportunity to share constructive ideas on what would make Ryebank Fields a sustainable place to live for people today and for future generations. We intend to take peoples’ ideas forward to future meetings with MMU and MCC.

We know many people just want to oppose any development, which is their right. This event is for those who would like to participate in influencing what sort of a development will take place, including those who may prefer no development, but if there is to be one would like to have their say.   We hope you will join us.

At the event we will get names and contact details of those who want to be involved in future in influencing what sort of a development will take place. If you can’t come on 4th December but want to be involved in the future in this way please email:


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