Longford Park consultation

There is a currently consultation on a Heritage Lottery Bid for improvements to Longford Park.

Some of our group went along to find out more at a meeting on 5 March.  We hope, if the bid goes ahead, and we are involved in Ryebank Fields, that we can work together, especially on the part of the park next to the Fields.

If you are interested please complete this survey.  You may wish to include something along the lines of the paragraph below in the relevant section.

‘I strongly support the proposals for creating more ‘naturalised areas’ and for the opening up of Longford Brook. However, I think these should be much more ambitious, involving extensive tree planting as well as wildflower and wetland areas. The current graphics vaguely indicate some sort of meadow planting but I think the aim should be an ecologically diverse area rather than a token wildflower meadow, which probably wouldn’t be very durable in the conditions. There are several areas of the park where this would make sense and would benefit the range of wildlife supported as well as providing sustainable drainage, which is much needed. This should be linked to proposals for the sustainable development of Ryebank Fields, creating a wooded boundary between the park and any new community there, and connecting a wide wetland corridor along Longford Brook/Nico Ditch from Ryebank into Longford Park.’

The survey doesn’t seem to have a deadline date on it so it’s probably best to complete it as soon as possible.

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