About us

Manchester Metropolitan University proposes a housing development on Ryebank Fields, Chorlton, and has agreed with Manchester City Council that the development process will be participatory.

The Chorlton Community Led Housing Group (CCLHG) is for those who wish to be involved, including those who prefer no development on this site but who wish to participate if it goes ahead. We will be working for an imaginative, innovative, environmentally sound and socially useful scheme, in line with our principles.

In February the CCLHG Steering Group set out its Terms of Reference, including its intention to become a Community Land Trust.

The Group’s ¬†current status is as a community group with an agreed Constitution, Vision and Aims.

In due course, the intention is to adopt a legal form to enable a fully fledged Community Land Trust to be formed.

Key documents

Terms of reference


Vision and aims