These are the principles that the group developed and submitted as part of our response to Manchester City Council’s  December 2017 consultation on the proposed development of Ryebank Fields.


  1. Design, development and implementation of any future proposals to be shaped and informed through an open participatory process involving local residents of Chorlton.
  2. Diversity of housing that represents and serves local needs to include variety in age, tenure and affordability. To include to include co-housing, age-friendly spaces and a proportion of social housing.
  3. Sustainable development in keeping with Chorlton’s distinctiveness, using innovative design to enhance community. Aim for carbon neutral eco housing.
  4. Contributes to the local social and physical infrastructure, supporting access to health services, education, community assets and utilities.
  5. Delivers safe and sustainable travel, alleviating existing congestion on neighbouring streets and promoting walking and cycling in line with local aspirations. Consideration of a car-free community or limited vehicular access.
  6. Protects and enhances the local environment and landscape to incorporate green spaces and opportunities for communal gardening and growing to increase biodiversity. An open and permeable layout, connecting the new development into the surrounding neighbourhoods and park through a range of footways and cycle paths as well as roads (implicitly countering the possibility of a gated or cut off estate).

Click link below for a copy of our full response to the consultation.

Group submission to the consultation (December 2017)  (PDF,  136 kB)